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May 19, 2024

In 2020 during Covid Lock-down, due to boredom, I started a new hobby, which eventually turned into a full YouTube Channel (Please Subscribe Here), which documents my endeavors of me hacking into Fake Indian IRS Scammer call centers. I have been a hacker for a long time and even worked with Anonymous groups to go after specific targets such as ISIS. I have created a custom powerful dedicated server that is hosted with (Tier.NET) that pretty much handles all of my hackery needs. So far, the server is equipped and customized to do the following:

Call Flooding – Call flooder is a custom script that can basically send about 500+ calls a minute and with each call it would change the phone number, record their reaction and play an audio of my choice. Typically I use something obscene. I can leave the script running for days if I want to until they shut down the call center.

I am also building a more advanced call flooder with a bit of AI (Artificial Intelligence), which actually responds to the “agents” dialogue. Will have two versions.


Lenny Bot: Lenny is a collection of recording that I added some artificial intelligence to using C programming language. Lenny is an AI Bot that is designed to fool telemarketers by making them think that they’re talking to a human but they’re not. Lenny is also designed to keep telemarketers and scammers on the phone for as long as possible to annoy them even more. I custom developed some code to detect on whether someone would have to press an extension to connect to the telemarketer or a scammer. Example: If they ask you to press 1, Lenny would know that he needs to press one to connect.


Perverted Bot Call Flooder:  Same thing as the original Call Flooder but has obscene sound bites from porno videos with recordings such as…

– Hey Baby, I want to F**K you so bad

– Come sit on my Lap


Robo Voice Bot (Discontinued): Robotic voice that just randomly rambles various random phrases such as…

– I don’t know how to swim, so I don’t need a refrigerator

– I lost my social security card, can I borrow yours?

Phone Bridger: This is by far my most favorite tool to use. This custom script bridges two or more phones together without the victims knowing. This not only annoys them but also freaks them out on “Why they keep calling each other.” Please check out my YouTube for demo:


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