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May 19, 2024

Help me fight Scammers and Robo-Callers!

Many of you are aware that I have started a war on scammers and telemarketers as well as robo-callers. I am the Hacker that is responsible for decimating Indian and Other Scammers World Wide. I hack their servers, destroy their call centers, work with Law Enforcement Entities to report them after I find out their real identities, and of course, Keeping Lenny Alive, which is a Bot that is designed to fool Telemarketers and Scammers by making them think that they’re talking to a human but they’re not. I have created a complex telecom system (Hack) that does the following:

Lenny the AI Bot: Lenny is an AI Bot that is designed to trick scammers and telemarketers by making them think that they are talking to a human but they’re not. It is also designed to keep them on the phone for as long as possible to waste their time to annoy them even more. Here is an example from my YouTube Channel:


Phone Bridge: Phone bridge is a complex system that allows me to bridge or connect two or more phones together without the “victim” knowing or realizing what is going on. In essence, put them in a conference with an ability to intercept their calls. The phone bridge is best used on a large call center. The larger the call center, the more effective it is. Also makes it more fun because I can bridge the entire call center and make them all talk to each other at the same time until they go into rage more. Here is an example of me Trolling a Car Warranty


Call Flooder: Call flooder is a tool that allows me to send 500+ calls a minute. Each call changes the caller ID and plays an audio of my choosing. Typically it’s something annoying or obscene. Call Flooder completely overwhelms their call centers and I can leave it on indefinitely until they decide to shut down. Typically takes a day or two until they decide to shut down. Each call has the capability of being recorded to get their reaction but I never leave it on because I don’t have the patience nor time to listen to thousands of call recordings. But here is a rare example of me Flooding another Car Warranty call center until they start raging and finally decide to shut down.


How you can help:

Running and operating this system(s) is not cheap and time consuming. I have dedicated servers, VoIP providers, etc that cost money. To help me keep this fight alive and active, you can do the following.

1.) Like, Share and Subscribe to my channel so I can finally monetize it. That would be the easiest route. You can visit my channel by going to: https://www.youtube.com/c/LynxNYC

2.) Donate:

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