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July 15, 2024

So I’m a hacker. I do bad stuff, but only to bad people. Mostly to scammers, drug dealers, terrorists and pedophiles and I would like to share a brief story on how I went after ISIS with the Anonymous group… Before someone says I’m full of shit or lying, I would like to explain one thing. What I did, was very easy and any circus monkey with a Twitter account and Google Translate could have done.

I was briefly working with the Anonymous. Finding them was easy but working with them was difficult. I’m honestly not even too impressed with most of them. Very small percentage of the Anonymous “hackers” have any actual coding skills and the rest are just Script Babies. Idiots that download Kali Linux and then immediately start calling themselves hackers. Kali Linux is a Linux distribution that already includes all the most popular “hacking” scripts. But here’s the thing. Any public script that’s out there is usually ineffective. Especially Metasploit. All the good stuff is custom coded in C or Python. In any event… Moving along.

I was going hard on hacking ISIS social media accounts and creating fake accounts, mostly on Twitter to create disinformation. Created multiple posts in Arabic thanks to Google Translate. My favorite part was to create so-called secret meetings in various locations throughout Iraq and Syria thanks to Google maps and making them think that they were meeting additional fighters or some commander that has certain number of fighters. But of course, no one showed up. I had no involvement with US Government with what I was doing but it was funny to watch when I had one or two instances where I saw on the news where US Bombed some Coffee Shop with ISIS members in them, which I happen to arrange. I remember seeing that only once or twice.

Trolling ISIS was very difficult. As soon as I managed to infiltrate one account, someone kills the guy. I eventually got frustrated because they were all getting killed before I even had a chance to REALLY mess with them. Due to my day job(s) I also got really busy and I eventually stopped because I wasn’t getting any notoriety and I resent the fact that I never started my YouTube channel then to document my exploits like I do now. Would have made a funny YouTube video if I arranged more “meetings” between Jihadists, which wasn’t hard to do in the first place. They were desperate and weren’t really bright.

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