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April 23, 2024


These are some of the excerpts from my Book. My Book Available On: Amazon | Google Play | Barnes and Noble

General Disclaimer

All good attorneys, paralegals, and Settlement Negotiators use foul language, are overly aggressive, narcissistic, and at times ruthless and effective at putting people down. This book is not for the faint of heart. If you are hypersensitive to mean words, this book may not be for you and especially your kids.

The publisher and the author have used their best efforts in providing the most accurate medical and legal information. However, they make no representations or warranties concerning the accuracy of this book. Law has a long spectrum of grey areas. I operate deep in- between those grey areas. This book is not meant to be a legal or medical reference and is not intended to teach you anything. With that being said, you can expect to have many steps, procedures, explanations to be very vague. Neither the publisher nor the author shall be liable for any medical or legal decision you have made based on any text in this book. The reader shall assume all responsibility for the use of the materials and information in this book as well as adhere to all applicable laws and regulations at City, State, and Federal Jurisdictions.

Medical Disclaimer

I, Alexander Mirvis, am not a Doctor. Under no circumstances are you recommended to diagnose your injuries or reference this book for medical guidance. Maintain common sense. If you are experiencing pain due to injury, consult with your doctor, not with this book. Do not be stupid!

Legal and More General Disclaimers

I, Alexander Mirvis, am not a licensed attorney in any state. All of the cases that I have ever negotiated and eventually settled have gone through the necessary processes of authority. When I get an offer from an insurance company, that offer is relayed to the attorney, who then discusses the offer with the client, and the decision is ultimately left with the client. This book is not intended for legal advice. If you have any specific issue or question(s) regarding any case or legal matter, please consult with your attorney.

1.) This Book is not a form of legal representation or legal advice. I am not an Attorney. In fact, this book is not specifically written to give you any specific advice or help you settle a case. This book is more of a platform for me to vent about my job and expose the stupidity on both sides of the Isle between the Plaintiffs and the Defendant Sides.

2.) This Book is not a form of medical advice. I am not a Doctor. So, do not start diagnosing your injuries based on my book. Do not be stupid! If something hurts, go see an actual doctor.

3.) As a Settlement Negotiator, I do not have complete authority to settle cases. Any offer, which I obtain from the insurance company, is relayed to the Attorney, which in turn is relayed to the client. The attorney helps the client to decide on whether to accept the offer or to litigate the case or take the case to trial. If an offer is accepted by the client, I finalize the settlement.

Ranting Disclaimer

In this book, there will be a lot of ranting about attorneys, clients, and insurance companies. I would like to point out that not all attorneys are bad, not all clients are bad, and not all insurance companies are bad. My ranting mentions are specific to certain events that I have experienced. I have had the pleasure and the honor of working with some of the smartest, honest, and dedicated attorneys, which includes my current employer, during the year 2021 when this book was published.