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May 19, 2024

Supporting the LBTQ+ Community

I have nothing against the LGBTQ+ Community. I don’t care whether you are straight, gay, trans, or any other variation of sexualities that are out there. I personally do not care what you do behind closed doors. That is none of my business. I look at individuals based on their character and their heart. Not what they do in the bedroom or who they are attracted to.

Do I support the LGBTQ+ Community?
My definition of support is based on the US Constitution and laws that protect the LGBTQ+ Community. Throughout my years of experience in Civil Rights & Discrimination Law, I have fought vigorously for people’s rights and freedoms to love who they want to love, and what they want to do in the bedroom and with whom and against discrimination. Waiving a gay pride flag is not support. That’s just showing off and attempting to obtain social validation. I base my support on tangible action. In my firm I fight discrimination cases all day. I have also hired plenty of LGBTQ+ members.

Aside from waiving a gay pride flag, what have you done?

Do I believe in Transgender?

I honestly don’t. I don’t understand it nor does it interest me. In fact most people don’t. But that doesn’t mean I will discriminate or that I hate transgender people either. I do not hate transgender people or have any phobias. I even follow some on various social media platforms because I find them either informative or funny. I’m straight, so I’m just not interested and don’t find it appealing. If a man wants to dress up as a woman and act all feminine, that’s his business. Most are good people who just want to do what they want to do. I just don’t want to get involved in their thing or play along. But if someone is being discriminated against and a case lands on my desk, you can be assured that I will go balls to the wall in protecting that individuals rights. That’s what I do.

On the other hand, I hate the LGBTQ+ Propaganda. Kids do not need to see a parade full of half naked men dressed in women’s clothing fondling each other or doing obscene things around children either. Children shouldn’t be at Gay Pride Parades either. Children should not be groomed by the LGBT community either. Especially in schools. Children should learn English, Math, Science, history, etc. Not explore their sexuality.

I miss the good old days when CDC and the American Psychiatric Association considered Transgenderism as a psychological disorder, which is what it is. If it wasn’t for TikTok, FaceBook or Twitter, these people would be in therapy instead of being encouraged by tens of thousands of other mentally ill people.