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July 15, 2024

Racism and Black Lives Matter Movement

You have to be ridiculously stupid for hating someone just because of the color of their skin. I hate racism.

When I served in the Army, my life was in the hands of black, brown, red, yellow and white tones people.

We were friends, we were combatants, we had each others 6 when the hammer slammed the anvil. We trained, we sweated, we bled together.

We came together from all parts of the country; we cam together from all religions. We were a society unto ourselves.

We worked as a team, a well oiled machine. We fought for our brothers and sisters on the ground, in the air or water. We protected each other with our lives. We bled for each other. the only color we saw was RED!

Throughout my professional career, I have also hired Black Felons because I believed that people deserve a second chance.

So if you call me racist, you’re a fucking idiot.

My Position on Black Lives Matter Movement:

I do not support this movement on any level. Black Lives Matter Movement is a Marxist movement that I consider a domestic terrorist organization. The whole idea of using Hitlers “Scorched Earth” policy to destroy your own neighborhoods, doesn’t sit well with me.

If you want to change the system, you can change the system from within. Become a Police Officer, Run for Office, or File Legal Action. Not destroy or Riot.