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May 19, 2024

My Positions

I have been repeatedly attacked on social media for various positions, which I have held. For many years, I have stood firm on my positions. To avoid any un-necessary arguments, I have decided to publicly list my positions and views on various issues here.

Note: If you are still angry with my on my arguments or positions on these various issues, it is not my fault. I am entitled to have my own views and opinions. If I decide to change my views on any of the issues, I will note a Change-Log on when and why I have changed my views. If the views or opinions have not been changed, that means that I have not changed my views or opinions regardless how angry you are with me.


LGBTQ+ Community

Issues on Transgender Specifically




Death Sentence

Policing and Police Brutality

Free Speech and Social Media Responsibility

Coming Soon…