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  • Sun. May 22nd, 2022


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  • What happened to the Feminists? Are they still around?

What happened to the Feminists? Are they still around?

Disclaimer: I am all about basic human rights and equal opportunities for all humans. I fight for these rights every day. Everyone deserves equal rights! It is when separatists groups…

Haters gonna hate!

To all the haters out there who hate on me, I would like to ease your strong feelings of hate towards my so-called success. But first, I have a confession…

YouTube keeps deleting this Video – Dr. Michelle Cretella debunks the entire Transgender Argument

It’s October 4, 2021 and FaceBook, Instagram, FaceBook Messenger and WhatsApp is down!

The Zucc has been Zucced! LoL I think this is hilarious. FaceBook is down and no one knows why. Funny part is, I see people on the street getting all…

My Book is Finally Released!

My Book about the Dark and Dirty Side of Personal Injury Practice has been officially released and can be purchased on Amazon HERE.