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May 19, 2024

My Book

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If you have ever been injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident or any other type of Injury due to someone’s negligence, this book is for you! This Book is about the Dirty Side of Personal Injury Practice. The Greed has finally been exposed!

Alexander Mirvis is a Professional Personal Injury and Medical Mal-Practice Settlement negotiator that works with multiple law firms throughout New York City. With over $15,000,000+ in settlements on record, Alexander Mirvis has established a highly impressive reputation. This book is not only his story on how he became one of the the most prolific settlement negotiators in New York City, but also about the dark and dirty side of Personal Injury Practice and it’s never ending battle between insurance companies who will fight to the end to save a dollar and the plaintiffs who are trying to recover as much money as possible for their alleged injuries.

Table of Contents


General Disclaimer 4

Medical Disclaimer 5

Legal and More General Disclaimers 6

Ranting Disclaimer 7

Introduction & Background 8

Table of Contents 12

Basic Legal References 13

Chapter 1 – Twisted turn of events. Going down the Rabbit Hole 19

Chapter 2 – The Road to Resentment 35

Chapter 3 – There is such thing as Great Customer Service! 42

Chapter 4 – Liar, Liar Pants on Fire! How to Detect Lies. 58

Chapter 5 – How much is your case worth? 68

Chapter 6 – Dealing with Psychological Disorders at work 73

Chapter 7 – Addiction and Recovery among Legal Professionals 79

Chapter 8 – Are surgeries really that necessary? 85

Chapter 9 – Establishing Claims 93

Chapter 10 – Challenging the Biomechanics experts 99

Chapter 11 – Arbitration Vs. Mediations 108

Chapter 12 – Litigation Process 113

Chapter 13 – The Negotiation Process 124

Chapter 14 – Negotiating Medical Malpractice Cases 156

Chapter 15 – Week in the life of settlement negotiator 162

Chapter 16 – Surviving working through Covid-19 167

Chapter 17 – Crazy Clients

Chapter 18 – Pet Peeves

Chapter 19 – Fixing the Problem