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May 19, 2024

Introduction and Background

These are some of the excerpts from my Book. My Book Available On: Amazon | Google Play | Barnes and Noble

Introduction & Background

This book will expose the dark side of Personal Injury Law Practice and how both sides of the table battle it out in order to resolve Personal Injury Matters. Both sides I am referring to are the Plaintiffs, the alleged injured parties, and the defendants, who are either at fault or negligent, and their insurance carriers who defend them and will ultimately fork out money for the “damages.”

This book is also an inside of how I think. I am highly detailed and analytical.

Example: I even thoroughly calculated how long it would take for an average person to read this book.

The average IQ of most Americans is between 85 and 115. But just like the weather, it feels like it is somewhere between 65 and 80. Depending on the number of pooping sessions you have during the week, you should be completely done with this book in about two weeks. Give or take a few days within the minimum margin of error due to constipation or diarrhea.

I am detail-oriented, objective, and highly analytical. I am also highly aggressive and relentless when it comes to settlements. If the case is worth perusing, I will squeeze every penny out of that case. Like a pimple!

This book is not only a story on how I became one of the most prolific settlement negotiators in NYC, but this book will hopefully also serve as an attempt in regaining my soul, which was lost during the years of settling personal injury cases for various law firms in New York State by exposing the truth and hopefully ultimately fix the entire practice. On both sides of the table. I will say many things, which Paralegals and Attorneys think but do not want to say. This book is also designed to expose the stupidity of Clients as well as Attorneys. Not all clients and attorneys are stupid, but a large percentage are.

You are probably wondering, “Who is Alexander Mirvis, and what makes him one of the top settling personal injury negotiators in New York?” The answer is simple. My numbers speak for themselves. I have settled thousands of cases for millions of dollars combined. What makes me prolific is the fact that I am one of the few Non-Attorney Settlement Negotiators in New York state that settle Motor Vehicle Accidents, Slip and Falls / Trip and Falls, Municipal, Federal and Even settle Wrongful Death as well as Medical Mal-Practice. Most settlement negotiators throughout New York State settle only soft tissue car accident cases so that attorneys could focus on much larger cases.

When an attorney decides whether to take on a difficult case or not, he or she has to figure out a balance between being brave or being incompetent. The ultimate decisive factor on whether the attorney should take a case or not is money. The attorney must look at a case and essentially almost foresee the possible outcome of a case and whether he or she would resolve the case. On the other hand, an attorney may sign up a case, which may seem like it has no hope but still manage to get good money for it in the end. I’m not the best settlement negotiator. There are plenty of people out there that I have met that are better than me. I just happen to be the only one who knows his craft so well I can write about it in great detail. I have turned settlement negotiation into a science.

I think outside the box, think fast, and will take every possible advantage you could possibly think of or not think of either of the insurance adjuster or the facts. On top of that, I can be highly manipulative. If I hear you over the phone and if I can sense that you either have no idea what you are talking about, are not confident, or even over-confident, you can be almost certain that I will take full advantage of your personality trait(s). However, one thing I don’t do is lie or play “dirty” unless the examiner is a piece of shit. I came across those as well. I also don’t do anything illegal or unethical. After all, my boss’ license is on the line, and I have a reputation with insurance companies, which I would not want to ruin. For the same reason, I do not work with dirty attorneys either. No matter how much money they offer me and believe me, I get plenty of offers. Let’s assume I didn’t give a shit about ethics or laws and decided to work for a shady attorney and did some dirty shit, like forge medical records, I would be done. No one would trust me, and I would lose all respect of most insurance adjusters I have ever worked with. Building and maintaining a good relationship, which is based on honest goes a long way with me. I expect the same from Defense Attorneys as well as examiners in return. If the defense attorney or examiner does not return the same courtesy, I have my ways of either getting the case re-assigned or in some cases even get the examiners fired. I have done both multiple times.

If you have ever heard of the cat and mouse games during the cold war between the Russians and the US, in many cases, it is almost the same with settlement negotiations. We battle it out and then pat each other on the back on how well we fought each other. I would like to keep that kind of rapport with the examiners so I would never jeopardize that kind of relationship just for a few extra bucks.

Moving forward, I am very direct and swear quite a bit. Due to my certain personality traits and resentment for the entire personal injury practice, you can expect a lot of sarcasm, possibly humor, and hopefully a lesson. This book is not for anyone under 13 due to the heavy use of swearing. The “F” word is the most expressive word in the English dictionary. If you are hypersensitive to other people’s opinions, swearing, or a progressive liberal democrat, I highly suggest you find another legal story to read. This book is highly offensive. So Enjoy!