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May 19, 2024

Disclaimer: I am all about basic human rights and equal opportunities for all humans. I fight for these rights every day. Everyone deserves equal rights! It is when separatists groups such as Feminists, LGBTQWTF, Transgenders and Race Baiting Groups such as Black Lives matter create a separate group, it creates confusion in the legal and legislative world. USA Needs to stop creating separatists groups! This is how civil wars start.

I have noticed a new trend that the Feminists are being phased out due to the strong push from the Transgender community. Reason? Because the Transgender community are offended that not only women deserve “equal rights.” Transgender community doesn’t like to be upstaged and are now becoming more vocal in their fight for the right to exist and flourish. Transgender community, which is fueled by Progressive Liberals support is also equally aggressive toward their mentally sound human counterparts. Just like the Raging Feminists, who are affectionally called Feminazis due to their uber-raging personalities.

Transgenders and Feminist share similar emotional response outputs to any critical thinking, disagreements on issues and criticism. If you don’t agree with what they are saying, you are automatically labeled as a Racist, Bigot, or Natzi. Regardless of whether you bring up facts or not. Since both Ultra-Feminists and Transgender people live outside of objective reality, it is almost impossible to bring or discuss factual issues.

But why are feminists giving the stage to the Transgender communities?

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