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July 15, 2024

To all the haters out there who hate on me, I would like to ease your strong feelings of hate towards my so-called success. But first, I have a confession to make. I’m not as successful as you think. My combined income is only $80k to $90k per year. That includes my full time salary, side projects with the IT that I get (Would love to get more projects), some tiny investments that I have as well as my Book Deal, which I am not getting paid on until end of December. $80k per year in NYC is not a lot of money. Especially after taxes. I pay an average of $7-8k per year on taxes alone. For the IT projects that I do have, I have to pay for various infrastructure to keep my IT Operation running. I pay for servers, phone systems, computers, which I have to upgrade every year or two just to keep up with the things I do. I’m not even counting Rent, Bills, Food, Car, and various other expenses. Even with my book deal, I’m not making enough to retire either. My first check from the Book deal will only be $3,500.

As far as savings, I save what I don’t use at the end of each weekly salary and put it into a high yield savings account. My Miami condo retirement fund.

If you still hate on me, here is another reason why you shouldn’t! What I do, is not rocket science. I’m just self driven, enjoy learning new things and most importantly, when I do learn a new skill, I try to share it with the world. Hence why I created this personal website.

Example: I needed to publish my book and all the publishers I have ever spoken with wanted a $5,000+ up-front fee and a bigger cut out of royalties. I know myself. If I want to get something done, I would rather learn how to do it myself and execute on getting it done. After I figured out the process, I posted on my site HERE on what I have learned and shared it with the world.

When I used to do real estate, web developers wanted to charge me $15,000 to make a listings website. Instead of paying them, I learned how to code and did a website myself. Only took me 60 days to learn PHP & MySQL. I would have learned it sooner if I had more free time.

My point is, don’t hate on someone for anything. Figure out what they’re doing and try to do what they do! In fact, figure out a way to do it better!

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