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April 23, 2024

Quick Post: I have been getting a lot of calls for “cyber security” calls where significant others or former lovers allege that their phones have been hacked and their lovers are hacking their wifi and phones to stalk them. Furthermore, the people (mostly women) that call me, keep me on the phone for at least an hour, ranting about their love lives. To save both of our time, I have decided to clear a few things up:


  • I provide cyber security for small businesses all the way up to enterprise level data centers. Specifically Linux servers, data breaches, etc.
  • Business Voice over IP (VoIP) / Call centers.


  • Work on personal computers if you have a virus or anything personal in general. That includes WiFi.
  • Fix phones.
  • Fix Home WiFi or Network Issues.

If you do feel that you were hacked or you believed that your ex is cyber stalking you, it is a CRIMINAL matter. Contact your local law enforcement agency. Not ME!

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