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April 23, 2024

When my book about the Dark Side of the Personal Injury Legal Practice was released, it was a hot sensation. Quickly became a #1 New Release. However, because the Law and Personal Injury Practice is so dynamic and for ever changing, I have decided to release my book to the public for free. Releasing my book to the public for free has many benefits, which outweigh the risks and here’s why:

  • The marketing and monetization potential for my website and my YouTube channel is limitless due to the massive amount of relative content in the book. My Book would probably make more money with Google ads rather than sales.
  • I can add additional content and information about the Personal Injury practice on the fly. There will be no need to publish new versions.
  • I am adding various community functions where people and attorneys can comment and discuss the content of the book. This will further bring more content, which will turn into more traffic to the website and in turn bring more ad revenue.

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