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April 23, 2024

Narcissists are arrogant, stupid and delusional. It is virtually impossible to argue with a narcissist. Especially one that is arrogant. You can throw all the evidence in the world at their feet and a narcissist will not only dismiss the evidence but will arrogantly reject from even attempting to see the evidence. There is no arguing with a true narcissist. Arrogant Narcissists can also become very aggressive and belligerent when confronted with facts and evidence.

Narcissists become aggressive when arguing in hopes to intimidating and physically & mentally break people down in hopes that people would give up and go along with them. Narcissists are not smart. They’re incredibly stupid. They make it so painful to have any kind of logical conversation with them that you break down as a logical person every single time. Narcissists lie to your face knowingly and even many times unknowingly because their perception of facts and views are distorted (Cognitive Distortion.) Their lies are their truth.

Furthermore, Narcissists will never believe or admit to any true fault that can be blame shifted (“I only did this because you did that”), and will not even entertain the idea that they may be the problem unless it’s used in part of playing a victim for sympathy. Narcissists do not self reflect. Especially if they know that self reflection may result in negative view of themselves.

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