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May 19, 2024

Am I transphobic?

The short answer is Yes! And here are a few bullet points in why:

  • Nothing about men dressing up in women’s clothing, mutilating themselves, etc is appealing to me. In fact, I find it distasteful. If a man wants to pretend that he’s a woman, that’s up to him. I refuse to role play to something that I see as a Massive Socially Contagious mental health issue.
  • Trans people are ramping up their grooming policies nationwide. Trans people have infiltrated the government, schools, legal system and the legislature to feed our kids this kind of nonsense.

Trans people are spoon feeding this shit to our kids since birth. This is why I have a phobia over the whole trans issue. What they’re doing to our children is sickening. Adults are confused about their gender nonsense and their 76 genders. Imagine what that’s doing to our kids. Trans people should stay away from our kids. Bottom line!

  • Trans people don’t understand that normal folks don’t want to role play and failure to role play. Trans people are getting ore and more violent if you don’t role play with them.