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May 19, 2024

Every Personal Injury attorney in New York charges the same. All personal injury cases are on contingency bases. That means, nothing comes out of your pocket unless the attorney recovers a compensation for your personal injury matter. Whether you are in New York State or New York City area, the fees will always be the same. 33.33% Plus any expenses. Whether it is a car accident or a Trip and Fall, it will still be 33.33% plus any expenses in New York.

What are the expenses?

There are two type of expenses:

General Expenses:

  • Medical Records – Medical Facilities charge $0.75 per page
  • Claims fees – If it’s a car accident, there will be an associated No Fault Claims Fee. Usually an average $300
  • Investigative Fees – DMV Searches, etc.

Litigation Expenses:

Litigation expenses are generally state fees. In New York State, it costs $210.00 just to file a lawsuit. These fees can not be reduced.


  • Medicaid / Medicare: If you treated under medicaid or medicare and receive any type of compensation, Medicaid or Medicare will want their money back.
  • Legal Cash Funding: I personally hate legal cash advances. If you take out a cash advance, it comes with a crazy high interest. That is your decision. Clients always complain on why they owe so much. I always warn people about not taking out a cash advance but they never listen.

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