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July 15, 2024

I couldn’t wait to post this as soon as I got off the phone with a lunatic client. A client that was originally from Jamaica, was involved in a Car Accident in Brooklyn. It was a hit and run. After a thorough investigative work, I have located the driver that left the scene of the accident. The insurance company of the other driver confirmed that he hit our client because he got scared and admitted to the event. After a brief discussion regarding the accident, we have arranged for the insurance company to schedule the inspection of our clients vehicle so that the insurance company could pay for the vehicle repair while we wait for my client to finish treating.

I called my client to confirm on date and time on when the insurance company would be sending an adjuster to inspect the vehicle and this is where it got interesting.

The client says “So now that you found the guy that hit me, are you going to send the police or someone to punish him and kick his ass?

I said “No. This is not how we do things in America. We are dealing with his insurance company directly and will negotiate a Bodily Injury Settlement for Pain and Suffering for as much as the Laws allow.

Client: “But attorney fights for their clients!

Me: “Attorneys fight for their clients in court. Not on the streets.

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